Ongoing Services






Ongoing Services


We ask you a lot of questions. To help you make the appropriate investment decisions, we need to understand what’s important to you— your goals, values, dreams, and challenges. By answering these questions, you help us understand your investment horizon so we can help you balance risks and returns. We believe a person with a 40-year investment horizon should be investing differently than someone with a 20-year horizon. We need to account for what your income, asset, liability, and expense situations are today and what they will be in the future.

Investment Plan
We take what we’ve learned about you from discovery and develop a tailored investment plan. To build your investment plan, we consider your risk tolerance, investment horizon, and goals.

Review Investment Plan
We review the investment plan with you to ensure that you fully understand and are comfortable with the plan to put your assets to work.

Now your plan goes into action. We help you open accounts, transfer your assets, and then allocate your investments based on the plan which we have mutually agreed upon.

We regularly monitor your investments. Statements are sent to you monthly by Fidelity. You also have the option of viewing your account online.

Periodic Checkups
We meet at least annually to review any changes in your life, your family, and objectives. We review the performance of your accounts with you. You are welcome to call us at any time during the year for questions and advice and meetings.